Trusted strategy consultant to the CIOs of a major Canadian bank. An expert communicator and high capacity leader across multiple workstreams. Defined the bank’s Technology Strategy, Technology Risk and Data Risk strategies through executive workshops and board communications.

Proposed creation of, and now developing skills of an internal tech strategy consulting team. Developed a strategic plan for Data Management Governance team.

Quickly pivoted to support COVID-19 priorities.

A key leader pioneering an agile in-branch lab, as well as bank-wide stability improvements, Cloud and simplification efforts. Thought leader on technology trends, including open banking, quantum computing and fully homomorphic encryption. Worked with diverse teams to produce deliverables that impress executive stakeholders up to the board. Ultimately my work has improved the bank’s stability, agility, efficiency, future readiness, alignment and openness.

Previously, as a contract consultant for Deloitte, advised and supported the VPs of Enterprise Architecture and Technology Infrastructure Operations of a major Canadian bank. Facilitated workshops, led analysis of the bank’s project and application portfolio, producing deliverables for executives that accelerated the team’s ability to increase alignment, efficiency and agility across the bank. Major project work included the conceptual architecture for a US M&A, Incident and Root Cause Analysis, Architectural Patterns for Data, Digital, CRM, Security, End User, Product, Financial Advice, Financial Crimes, Cloud, CRM, Payments, Integration. Research on APIs, Blockchain, PFM, Marketplace Lending and more. Kicked off Application Rationalization Analysis, established Governance Pipelines, articulated Mobility, WiFi and Network Strategies.